Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Pulaski County located?


Pulaski County, Illinois, is located in the southernmost part of the state.  


  • What towns are your apartments located in?


We have apartments in Mounds, Mound City, Ullin, Karnak, Grand Chain, Pulaski and Olmsted.


  • How do I apply?


There are three ways to apply for housing at Pulaski County:


1. Visit our office located at 130 Richland Terrace, Mounds, Illinois.


2. Call us at (618)745-6330 and request that we mail an application to you.


3. Visit us online at, print and mail the application back to us at

P.O. Box 246
Mounds, Illinois  62964.


  • How many waitlists does HAPC have?


We have two waitlist, one for the HUD program and one for the Rural Development program.  The HUD 


program is available for all to apply.  However, our Rural Development program is limited to persons 62 


years of age or older; disabled regardless of age. Both waitlist are currently open.


  • How long will I have to wait to be housed?


Usually, the wait time for housing in Pulaski County is more than a year.  Our turnover rate is not very 


high and our waitlist is long.  However, we encourage everyone to apply and be place on the waitlist.  




  • Does your housing authority have a Section 8 program, or a Housing Choice Voucher program?


No.  We only have the Low-Income Public Housing program.


  • Can I have a pet?


Yes.  However, you must fill out a Pet Application, pay a pet deposit, and abide by the terms of our Pet Policy.  


  • How much will my rent be?


Rent is charged based on your income.  At the time of admission, you will choose whether to pay 


Income Based Rent or Flat Rent. We will assess your household situation and determine if you qualify for 


any deductions and/or exemptions.  We do offer medical deductions for elderly/disabled families and a 


childcare deduction for working families or families furthering their education. 


Flat Rents for Housing Authority of Pulaski County are as follows:


One Bedroom $430.00


Two Bedroom   $510.00


Three Bedroom $634.00


Four Bedroom $681.00


(rent  amounts are subject to change)


  • Do you have income limits?


Yes we do.  Income limits are based on the size of your family.  Please see the chart listed under the 


Eligibility/Suitability link to see if your income exceeds these limits.