Eligibility and Suitability


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Before applicants are placed on the Project Waiting list, all applications are subject to a credit check and a criminal background check.  This gives the Housing Authority a look into the potential tenant’s past, helping to reduce liability for the housing authority.  Credit reports include lines of credit, collection accounts, bankruptcy processing and other public financial records.  Income limits also play a major factor in eligibility for housing. 


Income Eligible



Pulaski County, Illinois

FY 2015 Income Limit

Area Pulaski, County



                                                                                                       Very Low                           Low                           Moderate

                                                                                                    Income Limits               Income Limits             Income Limits


                                                                               1 Person          $21,000                          $33,550                        $39,050             


                                                                               2 Person          $24,000                          $38,300                        $43,800


                                                                               3 Person          $27,000                          $43,100                        $48,600


                                                                               4 Person          $29,950                          $47,900                        $53,400


                                                                               5 Person          $32,350                          $51,750                        $57,250


                                                                               6 Person          $34,750                         $55,550                         $61,050


                                                                               7 Person          $37,150                          $59,400                        $64,900


                                                                               8 Person          $39,550                          $63,250                        $68,750



The nationwide criminal background report includes a search of criminal records, aliases, address histories, Social Security Trace and Validation, and the National Sex Offender.  If the applicant has no criminal background history and credit history is satisfactory, the applicant is then placed on the Project Waiting List.  Tenants are housed in order of placement on the waiting list. When a vacancy occurs, tenants are pulled from the waitlist starting from the top and working down until a tenant is housed. The waiting lists are computerized and contain information as required by RD.  The waiting list is updated annually and is maintained at HAPC main office located at 130 Richland Terrace, Mounds, IL.  





All applicants will be evaluated to determine whether, based on their recent behavior, such behavior could reasonably be expected to result in noncompliance with the housing lease.  HAPC will look at past conduct as an indicator for future conduct.  Emphasis will be placed on whether an applicant’s admission could reasonably be expected to have a detrimental effect on the development’s environment, other tenants, HAPC employees or other people residing in the immediate vicinity of the property.  With that, eligible applicants could be denied admission if they fail to meet the suitability criteria.