Eligibility and Suitability


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Families wishing to apply for the public housing program with the Housing Authority of Pulaski County (HAPC) must complete an application for housing assistance.  The application process requires the family to provide limited, basic information establishing whether or not the family is eligible for the program.  The completed application will be dated and time stamped upon its return to the main office.  The housing authority will run a credit check on the head and or co-head of household listed on the application and a criminal background check on all adult household members. At this time, HAPC will make a determination of eligibility to the housing program.  The family is then placed on the appropriate waiting list, according to the information provided on the application.  If the housing authority determines the family to be ineligible, a notice will be mailed to the address listed on the application.  The notice will state the reason(s) of ineligibility and will offer the family an opportunity to request an informal review of the determination.


As the family nears the top of the waiting list, HAPC will ensure that verification of eligibility, suitability and selection factors are current in order to determine the family’s final eligibility for admission into the Public Housing program.  All tenants are selected strictly from the waiting list. Applications will be accepted during regular business hours at the main office located at 130 Richland Terrace, Mounds, IL.  Due to the demand of housing in the HAPC jurisdiction, HAPC does not accept applications on an emergency basis.  Applications are taken to compile a waiting list.  Applications can be printed from the link above and mailed to:


Housing Authority of Pulaski County
P.O. Box 246
Mounds, IL  62964


Persons with disabilities who require accommodations or assistance in completing an application may call the housing authority to make special arrangements.


Income Eligible


Because HAPC offers an income-based program for housing assistance, applicants must also be determined “income eligible”.  Income limits are based upon total annual household income (all members) and are established by HUD annually.  Below is a list of current income limits for Pulaski County:


Pulaski County, Illinois

FY 2015 Income Limit

Area Pulaski, County

Median Income 47,000


                   Very Low (50%)        Extremely Low (30%)          Low (80%)

                     Income Limits                Income Limits             Income Limits


1 Person          $21,000                          $12,600                      $33,550


2 Person          $24,000                          $15,930                      $38,350


3 Person          $27,000                          $20,090                      $43,150


4 Person          $29,950                          $24,250                      $47,900


5 Person          $32,350                          $28,410                      $51,750


6 Person          $34,750                          $32,570                      $55,600


7 Person          $37,150                          $36,730                      $59,400


8 Person          $39,550                          $39,550                      $63,250


Flat Rents/Income Based Rents


After admission to the program, tenants will choose to pay either Income Based Rent or Flat Rent.  Income Based Rent is based on 30% of the total  household income. We offer medical deductions for elderly/disabled families.  Working families, families seeking employment and families furthering their education are offered the child care deduction. If you choose to pay FLAT RENTS, rents are as follows:


One Bedroom $450

Two Bedroom $510

Three Bedroom $634

Four Bedroom $681




All applicants will be evaluated to determine whether, based on their recent behavior, such behavior could reasonably be expected to result in noncompliance with the public housing lease.  HAPC will look at past conduct as an indicator for future conduct.  Emphasis will be placed on whether a family’s admission could reasonably be expected to have a detrimental effect on the development’s environment, other tenants, HAPC employees or other people residing in the immediate vicinity of the property.  Otherwise, eligible families will be denied admission if they fail to meet the suitability criteria.